Carmen Gaina

Carmen Gaina

Senior Researcher

PhD: 1999, University of Sydney, Australia

Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED)
University of Oslo
Sem Sælands vei 24
P.O. Box 1048, Blindern
NO-0316 Oslo

email: carmen.gaina (at)
phone: +47 2285 6042

Official page at the UiO website: Carmen Gaina

Research Interests

Marine Geophysics, Evolution of Oceanic Basins, Paleoage Grids, Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific, Australia

Current Research

After 6.5 enjoyable years with the Geodynamics group at the Geological Survey of Norway (Trondheim) I have moved southward (again!) to work with Trond on his new ERC project: “Beyond Plate Tectonics”. My main interests in this project are global plate tectonic circuits and lithosphere-mantle connections through time.


Carmen Gaina is a Geoscientist whose research goal is to study the evolution of the global oceanic regions as a key component of our dynamic planet by using a variety of geological and geophysical constraints. She is actively involved in the development of oceanic palaeo-age grids, a new and powerful tool aimed to tackle a range of global problems-from variations in carbon dioxide concentrations to eustatic sea-level. For the last couple of years Carmen studied the complex evolution of the margins and oceanic basins in the North Atlantic, Arctic, Indian Ocean, Circum-Antarctic and South East Asia regions. Furthermore, she is involved in large geophysical dataset compilations and interpretations within several international projects (Northeast Atlantic Tectonics and Circum Arctic Mapping Programme).