Pavel V. Doubrovine

Pavel V. Doubrovine


PhD: March, 2008, University of Rochester, USA

Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED)
University of Oslo
Sem Sælands vei 24
P.O. Box 1048, Blindern
NO-0316 Oslo

email: : paveld (at)
phone: +47 2285 6254
mobile: +47 4621 4214

Research Interests

Plate Tectonics, Plate Kinematics, Geodynamics, Mantle Plumes, Hotspots, Paleomagnetism, True Polar Wander

Current Research

My current research mainly focuses on developing kinematic models for absolute plate motion, which are based on hotspot tracks, remnants of subducted slabs imaged by seismic tomography, constraints from the low shear-wave velocity zones in the lowermost mantle and paleomagnetic data. I also work on kinematics of relative plate motions, quantification of the uncertainties in plate circuit reconstructions, analysis of global paleomagnetic data, and their implications for true polar wander (rotation of the entire solid Earth relative to the spin axis).


Pavel Doubrovine received a BS degree in Physics in 1997 and a MS degree in Geophysics in 1999 from Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia. He received a MS degree in Geology in 2003 and a PhD degree in Geology in 2008 from the University of Rochester, NY, USA. During his PhD study, Pavel worked on paleomagnetism and rock magnetism of oceanic basalts, and kinematic models for reconstructing the Pacific oceanic plates using the plate circuit approach. Since coming to Oslo in November 2009, he has continued working in the fields of plate kinematics and mantle dynamics, focusing on developing reference frames for absolute plate motion, modeling the mantle convective flow, motions of mantle plumes, dynamic topography and true polar wander.